HELLO CAPPIES! Few months is a long time in crypto land and the exciting news is the launch of Ethereum Layer 2 — Arbitrum. Arbitrum will bring scalability to a whole new level on Ethereum and gas fees will be alot more affordable for the retail and defi degens. …

HELLO CAPPIES! It has been some time and we are back with more yield farming strategies! Here we go — Part 3 of our farming yield series! Let’s cut to the chase and share the learnings

Top alphas on yield farming

  1. What kind of liquidity pairs should I enter ?!?!
    So many different types, and let’s…

Day #5: PolyBunny is 100% dead. We lost money

Hello cappies. Today will be a doom and gloom article as we reflect on our “Live Yield Farming: Episode PolyBunny.” Though the title of the article sounds gloomy, there are so many fantastic lessons that played out which will put you…

Back-to-basics week CAPPIES! Today we shall backtrack to ground zero — the fundamentals of crypto trading. What is Gas and what is Gas limit?!

Gas —Gas refers to the unit that measures the amount of computational effort required to execute specific operations on the Ethereum network.

Gas Price — Well…

Another back-to-basis-day CAPPIES! There are tons of new words and various terminology used in the crypto space, its very easy to be lost in all the crypto jargon. Sometimes, its good to take a step back and truly understand what these terms mean and/or represent.

Throughput is a measure of…

What's up CAPPIES! After some intense research on yield farming in the previous article, let's get back to some simple basics of the crypto world for today.


Before we dive deeper into the topic for today. We first need to understand what a blockchain is. In its simplest form, the…


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