Crypto WOTD — Sharding

Alright folks, this word I come across a lot when I read up on crypto news but I do have some difficulty trying to understand what it even means!

So sharding is defined as the process of breaking up a large quantity of information into smaller pieces and distributing it to multiple computers. This is often used to make the data or computer program more manageable.

So imagine you have a 12-inch Subway sandwich. One half of the sub is cold-cut trio, and the other half is roasted beef. And we process to cut the sub into 2 halves, aka 2 shards. VIOLA! Now the sub is much easier to store in our bag, and we can retrieve whichever flavour of sub we would like to eat at any time whenever our tummy growls!

Security -> Having said that, now you have 2 halves of a subway sandwich — that would mean it is alot easier for people to steal or alter your sub AKA shards! But that's another story for another day. All the sandwich talk is making me hungry.